Handmade Plaque & Letter Mounting Templates

 Handmade Plaques and Letter Mounting Templates

At A.R.K. Ramos, our plaque and letter mounting templates are done specifically by hand, ensuring 100% accuracy for each job and easier installation for our clients.

Additionally, our cast aluminum, bronze and brass letters are all made IN-HOUSE in the USA. Each and every letter is made from a wooden pattern and a sand mold. We have skilled professionals finish your letters to the exact specifications requested. Each letter is finished by hand and will not leave our facility until we are certain it is perfect and will last a lifetime.

At A.R.K. Ramos, our products are manufactured to last a lifetime and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Handmade Plaques and Letter Mounting Templates 2 Handmade Plaques and Letter Mounting Templates 3

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